Tawn Albright

I've been an operator, banker, and entrepreneur and have experienced lots of change throughout my career. One thing I've concluded is that leaders find themselves in need of an experienced, trusted confidant that can help them work through business issues especially when it comes to transitions involving high growth, change management, and M&A. Given this, I founded Bowstring with the goal of coaching and advising senior leaders and organizations that are in the process of change. 

I have over 25 years of M&A, change management and growth experience with large companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Cox and Ticketmaster.  I've also worked with smaller organizations like Leaf Group, eTix, and Rockhouse.  All of this experience has been in the tech, entertainment, and consumer products industry and has involved international markets.  

I understand what it's like to be a senior executive of publicly traded companies. I know what growth, M&A and change management can do to teams, leaders, investors, and entire organizations. I’ve seen things go really well but I’ve also seen them go completely sideways and, in several cases, have been actively involved in picking up the pieces.  

I've also been an entrepreneur and know what it’s like to build, sell and transition a business. I understand co-founder dynamics, what's involved with building a team, the importance of culture and the pros and cons of dealing with investors. 

My goal is to help others that are managing change.  Give me a shout if you think I can help.